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Who are we ? 

The Fleur de Vie company was created in February 2018 by Olivier LADEVEZE and Eric ROBERT.


Fleur de Vie has developed an innovative process for the production of spirulina in a photobioreactor,

by valuing the calories of geothermal hot water from neighboring installations belonging to the

Vermilion group.


The R&D center and the first production unit are located in the south west of France (north of Pau), in BUROSSE-MENDOUSSE. The first production unit, whose annual production potential is 50 tonnes of spirulina (dry matter), starts to produce since october 2021.  

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Total food safety:

Spirulina is a microalgae that grows in water  at 30-35 ° C. The production of Fleur de Vie is carried out in photobioreactors. This mode of production makes it possible to avoid the development of pathogenic microorganisms and to offer an optimal level of food safety. Fleur de Vie controls its process in its analysis laboratory and has these finished products checked by an independent laboratory. Fleur de Vie offers a premium product called " Spirulina Safe ® ".

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Traceability guarantee:

The production method makes it possible to trace each manufacturing step for each batch sold. Fleur de Vie offers a premium product called " Spirulina Safe ® ".

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Sustainable development: 

Sustainable development is one of the most important values of Fleur de Vie:

- to heat the culture water and capture as much natural light as possible, the cultures are carried out in photobioreactors, themselves placed in greenhouse,

- additional water heating is necessary. It is provided by the recovery of calories from geothermal hot water from neighboring facilities belonging to the Vermilion group,

- the production water is recycled at 95% thanks to an ultrafiltration process,

- finally, the production unit was designed by integrating from the outset the constraints of deconstruction at the end of the equipment's life by promoting the use of recyclable materials.

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Regular production:

Our production method allows us to produce premium quality spirulina all year round.

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Made in France:

Our production unit is located in south west of France, facing our magnificent Pyrenees

Institutional partners

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